Foot stool

    I've covered one of my footstools in this lovely striped fabric which I got from Dunelm.

    Foot stool

    It was the end of the reel of fabric so I came home with a lot more than planned and now want to make some arm covers to compliment it.

    It took me all of about half an hour with my fabric stapler but I can't quite decide whether to trim the sides so that you cannot see the fold. What do you think ???

    Foot stool


    auction ebay products 021

    These three items that I am showing here I acquired in one of the box's that I bought at the auction a couple of weeks ago.

    The box had a number of others items from Denmark and Holland but the pieces I have here have no writings or markings on them for me to find anything out about them.

    The jug and bowl above are small the jug is 2.5" high and the bowl only 3" but they are both in very good condition.

    auction ebay products 019

    The Chinese Bowl above is also tiny only 3" in diameter but this one has a clean break inside and looks like it has been stuck together which I thought was unusual for such a small item.

    Finally the picture below is of a Dutch Cow Bell which has 'S. Gottardo + 2112' written on it. The brass bell is approx 1" in height and the full length including the ribbon is nearly 5" in length, but like the others an unusual find don't you think?

    If anyone has any information on any of the above I'd love to hear from you.

    auction ebay products 012



    I am officially hooked...

    As you know from this blog, I do love all things vintage and antique, but for some strange reason I've never been to live auction for them. I've watched the programmes on tv and bid for items in eBay but never sat in a live auction with my number to bid with.

    We are lucky to have a number of regular auctions in our area and so we decided one Thursday morning that we would go to one in Newark. We arrived about an hour before the auction was about to begin so we could have a good look around to see what was available.

    Vintage Beano

    The warehouse was full to the brim of box's, furniture, lamps, rugs, fridges - you name it, you could probably find it.

    We decided to take a look through the box's which look as if they come from house clearances. Each box has a number on it and can be full of antique and vintage items so just absolute junk, so it's a case of having a good eye for things that might be worth a bit of money.

    Ash Tray

    Between us we made a note of around six box's to see what sort of prices they got for them. The ones we liked had different items in each from pottery, vintage jigsaws to a box full of vintage buttons and sewing materials. The buttons box was my favourite and the one I would have loved to have bid on.

    We didn't plan on bidding for any but just thought we would see how things go. There were probably over 200 lots so if you do bid for something you have to wait until the last auction is called before you can pay and pick up your purchase. This can obviously take quite a few hours.

    Ash Tray

    We soon learned that we should have put more layers on and taken a flask with us as the hall was cold and it did go on for quite some time but with a number of three piece suites up for auction we managed to find some comfortable chairs to sit on during the auction.

    We did have a bid on a few items and won a couple of box's which I will write posts on the items that were in them. The sewing box that I wanted just kept going up and up so I soon realised that it was probably something that was worth every penny, but unfortunately we didn't manage to get it.

    Some of the items from the other box's I've put on eBay or given to charity or kept for myself but from that day on we were hooked.


    The second time we went with more clothing on and something to eat and drink which made it a far more comfortable experience but I will diary how we get on at these auctions as and when we go to them.

    Some of the pictures on here are just a few of the items we bought. Enjoy browsing through them...



    Once a Nurse 2

    While reading a vintage Women’s Own magazine dated November 1950 I came across an advert for nurses.

    It first tried to create a bit of atmosphere by telling a story.

    ‘3.00am… from the dimness of the ward a low voice calls – Nurse! Quickly but silently she moves to the bedside – perhaps to adjust a dressing or merely give a cooling drink – perhaps to deal with a serious change in her patients condition.
    Her training gives a Nurse competence to deal with any situation. Nursing is responsible work and training would give you the confidence to be a Nurse’

    The advert then says…

    “That’s a future in NURSING under the National Health Service – Training allowances start at £200 a year. Superannuation for all 28 days paid holiday. Conditions now negotiated through your Council. Opportunities for promotion at home and abroad”.

    It’s a bit different now of course………

    These vintage magazines are sooooooo fascinating to read :) Lots more to post !!!!!


    nails red

    I couldn’t resist sharing this article with you printed in a vintage ‘Woman’s Own’ magazine, dated November 30th 1950.

    ‘Wearing protective gloves is a matter of individual endeavour. Those women who work in them with reasonable comfort halve their hand trouble.

    They should be worn, of course, for nearly all work, including bed making, dusting and hanging out the weekly ware.

    Remember, though, that the whole idea will be of no avail if the gloves themselves are not kept clean.

    For those who can’t work in gloves, yet have a distressingly dirty job ahead, soak the hands, before and after, in a mixture of caster oil and salt or use one of the really effective barrier creams now on the market. Nails need a weekly manicure and if varnish is worn, a frequent renewal of this’.

    How times have changed, apart from anything else most people nowadays wouldn’t even have the time to do the soaking method.


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